Rocket Butter Roll Up Tyre Dressing Spray

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Tyres Dressed for Showtime

Can a wheel really look clean if the tyre looks faded and worn? Don't let your hard work cleaning your wheels get undone by overlooking the tyre. A quick Roll Up application will restore that "new tyre" look and get you showtime ready in not time.

How Does It Work?

Roll Up leaves a slick and shiny silicone layer on the tyres, restoring that deep black new tyre look and feel.

How To Apply

After cleaning your tyres, spray onto the side wall and rub into the tyre with a cloth.

Go Full Circle

Don't forget to complete your wheel and tyre transformation with our Roll In Alloy Wheel Cleaner, perfectly formulated to make light work of baked on brake dust. Roll Out Alloy Protector prevents future brake dust from building up so quickly.