Rocket Butter Roll In Alloy Wheel Cleaner Spray

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Wheely Good Lookin'

It's fair to say that alloys covered in brake dust just isn't a good look. Cleaning them up to restore their true colour can be one of the highest impact steps you can take. Clean and shiny alloys is a big step to a good lookin' car.

How Does It Work?

Unlike a lot of wheel cleaners, Roll In has a PH neutral formula to break down and lift that baked on dust, without harming the metals of the alloy wheel itself.

How To Apply

Start by spraying directly onto the wheels. Agitate the brake dust with a wheel brush and finish by rinsing off the remaining solution.

Go Full Circle

Don't forget to complete your wheel and tyre transformation with our Roll Out Alloy Protector which prevents future brake dust from building up so quickly. Then finish the look with Roll Up Tyre Dressing to restore that "new tyre" look.