Rocket Butter Roll Out Alloy Wheel Protector Spray

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Alloy Protection

If you are like most people and actually drive your car, clean alloys won't stay clean for long. That brake dust just keeps on coming! But don't fret, Roll Out Alloy Protector is there for you, creating a barrier for that dust and road grime, keeping your alloys shining for longer.

How Does It Work?

Roll Out has been created to leave a unique heat resistant, silicone layer on your nice clean alloys. This barrier is super smooth which prevents dust and grime from sticking meaning it will either fall off whilst driving, or it will be a lot easier to clean on your next wash.

How To Apply

First make sure your alloys are clean and dry. Spray Roll Out directly onto your alloys and then wipe the residue off with a clean microfibre!

Go Full Circle

Don't forget to complete your wheel and tyre transformation with our Roll In Alloy Wheel Cleaner, perfectly formulated to make light work of baked on brake dust. Then finish the look with Roll Up Tyre Dressing to restore that "new tyre" look.