Rocket Butter Rain Rebel Screen Wash

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More than just a Screen Wash

Ok ok, screen wash is available for next to nothing pretty much anywhere. But not all screen washes are made equal! Rain Rebel Screen Wash combines an advanced streak free formula with the Rain Rebel secret ingredient to give you a truly clear screen at the touch of a button (or pull of a lever).

How Does It Work?

Rain Rebel Screen Wash 2-in-1 formula acts fast to clear your windscreen of road grime that gets kicked up onto the screen. As your wipers clear this off, a thin rain repellent layer is left on the screen which allows rain to roll off with ease.

How To Apply

Pour Rain Rebel Screen Wash into your reservoir at a ratio of 1:5 screen wash to water.

Rain Rebel Series

Get the full set with the complete Rain Rebel Triple Pack. Use the Hydro Seal & Glass Cleaner to get the full rain repellent experience and watch that rain just disappear off the screen without the need for wipers at all!