Rocket Butter Rain Rebel Glass Cleaner Spray

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Clear Vision in a Bottle

Cleaning your car is normally about the pride in keeping your car looking great, especially on those bright sunny day drives. With windows however, safety plays a big factor. A dirty window makes it much harder to see where you're going! Not to mention the complete loss of vision when the sun shines directly onto the dirt and grime.

Rain Rebel Glass Cleaner will get those windows sparkling in no time.

How Does It Work?

Rain Rebel Glass cleaner removes the dirt and grime, leaving your windows crystal clear with no streaks. On top of this it also applies a rain repelling layer onto the screen. This rain repelling layer allows the rain to roll off the screen a lot easier, further improving your vision in wet driving conditions.

How To Apply

Simply spray onto a microfibre cloth and use one side to wipe the dirt off the windows. Then, use the other clean side to buff to a sparkling shine.

Rain Rebel Series

Get the full set with the complete Rain Rebel Triple Pack. Use the Hydro Seal & Screen Wash to get the full rain repellent experience and watch that rain just disappear off the screen without the need for wipers at all!