Rocket Butter Rain Rebel Hydro Seal

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Watch That Rain Roll Off

Rain Rebel Hydro Seal is a fantastic glass sealant that simply hates the rain. Once applied you can watch the rain just roll off the screen without the need for wiper blades! It's truly a remarkable product.

How Does It Work?

Hydroseal fills in those micro abrasions on your glass to create a super smooth surface. This means the rain has nothing to grip onto when it hits the screen and therefore just rolls off with the wind. At high speeds, your windscreen stays exceptionally clear with minimal wiper action required.

How To Apply

Simply spray onto a Microfibre cloth and wipe all over the desired surface. Then, leave to dry for 5 minutes and buff the residue off with a clean cloth.

Sometimes you may notice a slight hazing appear when using your wipers. If this occurs, apply another 1-2 layers and this should disappear.

Rain Rebel Series

Get the full set with the complete Rain Rebel Triple Pack. Use the Glass Cleaner & Screen Wash to get the full rain repellent experience and watch that rain just disappear off the screen without the need for wipers at all!

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