Rocket Butter Vanilla Thriller Air Freshener Spray 250ml

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Makes Perfect Scents

The fragrance of you cars interior can make or break a journey. Rocket Butter's Air freshener range will make all the difference!

In Pod We Trust

With a strong Vanilla fragrance this one is unmissable! Turn your stale or boring smelling car into an interior that makes you feel like an Ice Cream van is round the corner.

How To Apply

Just simply spray liberally in the cabin. If you want the fragrance to really hold, aim for the carpets and headliner! Compact 250ml bottle means it’s easy to stow away in any glovebox, door pocket or even popped in a cupholder…

Proudly Made In The UK! Union Jack

All Rocket Butter products have been made right here in the UK. We're very proud of that! Developed exclusively for detailing addicts Rocket Butter wants to make cleaning your car something you look forward to! We've got quite the spread, including shampoos, waxes, polishes, window & glass care, wheel cleaning, tyre dressing, upholstery & leather cleansers & air fresheners. So whether you just want your car nice'n'clean or a showstopper, we've got something for everyone! Go on, Spread The Word!