Rocket Butter Snow Way! Foam Cleaner

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Do it the Snow Way!

A pre-wash wash that'll lift and clear loose dirt with ease. A great snow foam like Snow Way! will create a blanket of foam across the whole car, including those hard to get to crevices.

Snow Foam is an often misunderstood product as you are cleaning before you clean, which seems a bit excessive. However it provides an important step in any car enthusiasts cleaning program.

How Does It Work?

Snow Way! snow foam sits on dirt and grime for an extended period of time, a lot longer than a standard shampoo would. This increased dwell time will lift loose dirt and help break down the tougher patches. This massively reduces the amount of contaminants present in the shampoo stage, reducing the chances of minor scratches and swirls to occur.

It's particular effective as a zero-minimal contact wash on a well waxed or hard coated vehicle as the dirt that is present will be much easier to remove.

How To Apply

For best results, use with a foam lance and pressure washer. Dilute to your preference based on your equipment. As all lances differ in their dilution process, a little experimentation to get the desired mixture may be needed.

Once you have a nice white snow blanket covering your car, leave for about 5 minutes to work it's magic. Then simply rinse of with the pressure washer.