Rocket Butter Shine Shield Detailer Spray

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A Brilliant Shine in No Time

This is the secret weapon of the enthusiast car cleaners and detailers alike. A lot of work can go into the initial deep clean of a car to bring it up to a show stopper standard and once done, no-one wants to see it slip back into a dirty mess.

Shine Shield is a detailing spray that works wonders as a post wash product. It's perfect to use as a "little and often" cleaning solution, removing small dirt and grime build ups with ease.

Not only does this keep your car nice and clean, it creates a brilliant "just waxed" shine that will last weeks, ensuring your car remains a head turner between washes.

How Does It Work?

With a fresh microfibre and a few minutes, Shine Shield will clean off minor dirt and grime, restoring the perfect clean and shine your previous wash created. During use, a polymer layer is left on the paint to add a layer of protection over paint, waxes or coatings. You'll also see water bead beautifully after application.

How To Apply

This is a simple one, just spray onto the area to be cleaned and wipe off with a Softie Microfibre Cloth. If cleaning large areas, you may want a second clean microfibre to buff off the residue if your first cloth gets a bit damp.

Note: This is a perfect lubricant to use with the Best Bar None Clay Bar.