Rocket Butter Iron-Offe Iron And Fallout Remover

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Iron Out That Fallout

A quick and simple step that can be crucial in your car care routine. Iron and fallout particles in the air, particularly from brake dust, collect on your paintwork without you even noticing.

Over time these small particle can damage your bodywork in a few ways. The first is by creating micro scratches when you clean your car. They can be dragged across the paintwork leaving behind unsightly marks.

However some particles will embed themselves into the paintwork and start to rust. This rust can spread to the body work which then becomes a much bigger issue!

How Does It Work?

Iron-Offe has a fast acting formula that targets the iron, fallout and brake dust particles and destroy them. You will see the solution turn that obvious purple colour when it comes into contact with such contaminants.

How To Apply

  • Simply spray Iron-Offe liberally onto the area to be treated.
  • Wait 3 minutes for the solution to turn purple.
  • Hose it down or wash off with a spray to rinse that Iron Offe!