Rocket Butter Butter-Cut Colour Compound

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Just Cut it Out

Over time your paint will develop micro scratches, swirls and marring that destroys the deep shine you once had and dulls the colour of the paint. But don't fret, it's easy to get back! A application of Butter Cut will restore that deep shine in no time.

How Does It Work?

Butter-Cut has been designed to remove those nasty swirls and micro scratches without risk of causing "over cutting" that you might get with a more aggressive cutting compound. As such, it's perfect for those light swirls and scratches. Our unique formula will gracefully even out the imperfections, leaving the paintwork perfectly smooth, restoring the rich colour that the car came out of the factory with.

How To Apply

You can apply Butter Cut either by hand or using a machine polisher. Using a machine can give even better results, but please ensure you know what you are doing first!

Most will use the more simple hand application. To do this, place a small amount onto anapplicator pad and massage it in with rapid swirling motions. You will see the product develop into a light glaze on the paintwork. Then simply buff off with a fresh and clean Microfibre cloth.

If you want the power move, set up the machine polisher and put a small pea sized amount of Butter Cut onto the pad. It's always recommended to start on a small area first. Again, massage the product into the area with the polisher off to give a nice even spread. Switch on the machine and keep buffing until there is a light glaze left. You can probably guess the next bit...simply buff off with aMicrofibre cloth.