Rocket Butter Buff Ting Carnauba Wax Paste 200g

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Relax with a Wax

OK so performing a deep clean on a car is not a quick an easy job. But once done, all your hard work might not last. Buff Ting Carnauba wax is the perfect product to add that crucial layer of protection to your beautifully clean bodywork. 

A good layer of Buff Ting will deepen that shine and prevent future dirt and grime from getting a grip on your paintwork meaning future cleans will be a breeze.

Now sit back and relax, knowing that shine is there to last!

How Does It Work?

Buff Ting uses the finest grade 1 carnauba oak wax. We use this specifically because it is tough enough to give a strong and long lasting protection, but has that slight softness to make it easy to work with. No need to head down the gym just to build up the arm strength to use it!

How to Use

This is an easy product to apply, all you need is an applicator pad and a fresh microfibre cloth.

Simply wipe some wax onto the applicator pad and spread onto the bodywork in small circular motions. You do not need pressure here, just spread it on like Butter.

Leave to set for around 5 minutes and then Buff it of to reveal that deep shine Ting.