Rocket Butter Original Car Shampoo Super Concentrate

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The Original and the Best

A super concentrated, powerful and kind shampoo. pH neutral with a great foamy lather makes this a superb car shampoo.

How Does It Work?

Original Shampoos' unique foamy formula will break down and lift that general dirt and grime that collects over time. The pH neutral solution ensures your paintwork, wax and protective coatings will remain unharmed.

How To Apply

This super concentrate formula means a little goes a long way. For a quite dirty car, we suggest using 3-4 caps in a warm bucket of water and swish around to get the bubbles going. For a light wash, this can be reduced to 2 caps.

If your vehicle is particularly mucky, pre-wash it with Snow Way snow foam to remove those loose particles and prevent scratches happening in the shampoo phase.